MediaSlurp Community Player

MediaSlurp was developed with communities in mind. We saw a need, a need for a tool that aggregates community-driven multimedia content. The tool had to be easy and fun to use, and provide timely information relevant to the user. MediaSlurp is built on Adobe AIR™ using the Flex SDK and ColdFusion powered web services that integrate with both the application and WordPress web forms.

The first version was built in approximately three weeks by three developers - TJ Downes, Ben Farrell, and Vicky Ryder - attesting to the rapid development capability of the Adobe platform. A mobile version is in beta and can be obtained upon request.

MediaSlurp comes bundled with access to many development and design related podcasts in order to promote awareness and support the surrounding community. Screencasts are also included, as well as live SHOUTCast streams. Users can add their own favorite podcasts locally or submit them to us for inclusion in the bundle. .. all from the comfort of your Twitter integrated user interface!

For more information and to download your copy , visit

Current bundle includes: